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What Are Vigrs

Vigrs are our unique blend of adaptogenic savory teas meticulously crafted after years of research at Maya Tea. These teas not only boast delightful global flavors but also incorporate a functional adaptogen base that is designed to help you unleash your full potential. Whether you prefer to steep, sip, or cook with them, Vigrs are a delightful way to enhance your well-being. Learn more about the adaptogens in Vigrs below.

Adaptogen Base

  • Vigrs. Crafted by Maya Tea.

Message from Manish Shah

I have been in the tea business since 1997.  As the owner of Maya Tea Company, I’ve seen pretty much everything the world of tea has to offer. In 2009, I was asked to take over the blending of Terra Cotta Spices, a line of Southwestern-inspired spice mixes originally used in a famous local restaurant here in Tucson. While I enjoy sweet things, I am far more of a savory person.  Several years ago, I put some of those spices in a tea steeper and brewed up a cup.

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I loved it and thought about doing a line of savory teas but never had all the pieces that I needed.  Over the years, Maya Tea grew quickly and we just kept adding more equipment and capabilities.  Finally in 2022, we had everything in place to create blends that would meet our exacting standards.

Why "Vigrs"?

What does it mean to be vigorous?  We think of words like strong, healthy, vibrant and full of good energy.  Sounds like a great way to live!  So we had to make a tea that tasted vigorous and made you feel that way too.  Savory adaptogenic herbal tea.  Zero caffeine but full of power.  We created an adaptogen blend, added salt and then blended it with classic spice combinations to fire up both your taste buds and your chi.  Life is meant to be savored.

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